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About Us

Tom Kilmore - Director of The Powerchair Company

Hi! My name is Tom Kilmore, I am a 'time served' mechanical engineer who has a vested interest in powerchairs.

My wife Hayley is a C5/6 complete tetraplegic and has been a power-chair user for nearly 30 years. ‘H’ suffered an RTA in 1990 and we met in 2003. Since then we have had 4 children, built our own specially adapted home, live life as fully as possible and have never looked back.

After 10 years of looking after my family, I returned to work as a mechanical engineer, but quickly realised I wanted a more rewarding career.

I have a huge genuine interest for powered wheelchairs from both a personal and business point of view and I cannot believe how little the industry has progressed over the last 10/20 years. It seems almost stationary with regard to chassis development!

This made me think, 'could I build powerchairs and make a living'? I am a ‘time served’ mechanical engineer with all the qualifications to suit, so it seemed like a viable and logical move. I would be able to work from home in my purpose built workshop and be there for my wife and children if they need me, whilst doing a job that is rewarding and makes a difference to people’s lives.

I really enjoyed building H’s 1st chair, and have built her many add-ons over the years including baby seats, phone holders, meal trays, iPad mounts and more.

I have taken the first step by starting my own company and building a very capable chair, of which I have now sold more than ten, to very happy customers, whose lives have been changed for the better. These chairs have enabled me to fine tune the design and settle on something we believe is very special....

The 'Powerchair'..

The company is doing very well and orders are continuing to be taken and fulfilled… Book your slot today!