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Buying a chair can be a difficult process. There are so many things to consider. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right chair that works for you.

Seat pan height vs ground clearance: ‘The powerchair’ is the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor performance as standard, however it can be tailored to suit an individuals requirements, this is especially true of seat pan height vs ground clearance, the standard seat pan height is 15.5" (no cushion) with a ground clearance of 4.5”. Where a client needs to get under a desk or chair of a specific height regularly or not able to transfer, we can lose some of the ground clearance to accomplish this. On the other hand if a client is using the chair mainly for off road purposes, we can increase the ground clearance. That being said, most users choose the standard setup.

Colours: You can have any colour you wish, and I mean ANY! I usually contrast the main visual components with matt black working parts, but this is entirely your decision, standard colours are no extra charge but any metallics or special finishes incur a charge of up to £200.

Wheels and tyres: There are many choices when it comes to wheel and tyre combinations, the standard tyres offer the best all round performance indoor and out, but again, if you require you chair for a specific purpose or even if you are more interested in how aesthetically pleasing the chair looks, there will be a choice that suits you.

Individual requirements: options like headrests, thigh splay pads and taller backrests etc are all included in the price of your bespoke build, if you require something very specific, no obligation quotes are provided and will be very reasonably priced, with something as important as a powerchair, it has to be affordable and it has to be right!