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Stainless steel, Alumnium and Powder coated
Our chairs are built using mainly Stainless steel and Aluminum, any mild steel components are heavily powder coated to prevent corrosion and give unrivaled longevity. All of are nuts, bolts and bearings are stainless steel, totally rust proof.. Take a look at other powerchairs from other manufacturers, thin mild steel everywhere, with the thinnest layer of 'paint' you can imagine, mild steel nuts, bolts and bearings all prone to corrosion causing huge reliability issues. Not what you want from something as important as a powerchair.
Top Specification Components
We don't like sacrifice, that is why we only use the very best of components in our chairs, R-net PM 120 - the most powerful mobility controller available, Oddysey Batteries - widely regarded as the best 12 V batteries you can buy, 8mph 4 pole motors - geared for plenty of speed and torque. Full colour LED joystick as standard. Lightweight composite oversize front casters, complementing unrivalled ride comfort. Kenda 6 inch wide Kevlar lined, puncture proof tyres - offering unrivalled ride comfort due to the high flotation sidewall.