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Why exactly is everything built with a shelf life in mind these days? Many products that are considered good value, that we buy in 2019 seem to be incredibly poor quality and hardly fit for purpose. Why? ...To drive up profit. At 'The Powerchair Company' we don’t sacrifice build quality or everything that should come as standard, on an item as important as a powerchair for a little extra profit.

We want to go back to when things were built to last, with no shelf life in mind, just built to the best of our ability with a view to lasting a long time!

Nothing would please us more to see one of our chairs still going strong in 10 years time! Yes, that would mean that we might have missed out on selling 3 or 4 newer models, but that’s not what we care about. We do care about people, and what they want from their powerchair....reliability and longevity.

Please be aware due to the custom and incredible bespoke nature of the way we build our chairs - centred around you, that any wheelchair built by us is not CE certified or crash tested. That said, please bear in mind I am a qualified mechanical engineer who only uses good engineering practices and stand by what I build. If you have any doubts about the build quality of these chairs please take a look at the ‘Powerchair’ and compare it to many other mass produced electric wheelchairs, we believe the difference is obvious.

We recognise the huge disparity between industrial quality and consumer quality products. For a vacuum cleaner or Steam iron this is understandable but for something as important as an electric wheelchair, surely there should be some middle ground the answer is no, in our opinion every electric wheelchair mass produced in China is firmly in the consumer quality section, unlike ‘The Powerchair’

We are now CE certified.