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Powerchair Rehab

The Rehab model is still an incredibly strong, robust, well built machine capable of satisfying the most demanding of users but not quite as rigid due to the REAC lift/tilt mechanism. Built using mainly stainless steel, and aluminium. Any mild steel parts are heavily powder coated to prevent corrosion.
  • Recline function

    The recline function is unique, designed and made by us to maintain aesthetics, controlled from your joystick.

    Recline is different to tilt in that only the backrest reclines whilst the seat pan remains level.


    A common enhancement and one of the most practical, tilt gives you the option to relax with the touch of a button and change the chairs center of gravity to conquer different terrains.

    Lift and Tilt

    Lift and tilt gives you a seat rise of 12 inches and the tilt function, whilst adding just 50mm to the seat pan height.

    Foot Articulation

    Foot articulation from a center foot plate, as the footrest rises, it also extends to accommodate the legs correctly. To make the most of an ultra low seat pan height, foot articulation is recommended.

    Foot articulation is designed and built by us. We were unhappy with existing systems that seemed badly designed and excessively heavy. The center footplate elevates upwards whilst the front forks extend to accommodate the leg correctly. Controlled from your Joystick.

    • 13kph (8mph ) four pole motors (geared for plenty of torque)
    • 1500 PC Odyssey marine batteries (widely considered to be the best Lead acid batteries on the market)
    • R-NET 120amp controller (highest current mobility controller available)
    • 6” wide Kevlar re-inforced tubeless turf tyres on HEGAR alloy wheels
    • R-net colour LCD Joystick with 5 profiles for different terrain/activities
    • Oversized caster wheels and tyres
    • Steel battery box 3mm thick fully powder coated to show standard
    • Stainless bearings throughout
    • Stainless nuts/bolts/washers and fixings throughout- no rusty bits here!
    • Incredible ground clearance of over 5 inches
    • Led lights and indicators
    • Custom made swivel pod mount
    • Stainless steel and alloy components
    • Oversize cables and connectors to ensure maximum power is delivered when needed
    • Custom built AND programmed to your requirements
    • 1 year parts and labour warranty.